In November 2016 the unexpected happened when Donald Trump won the presidential election in the United States. The world and the internet went wild. The artist group LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner started an art project which was the beginning of a Capture the Flag. With the words “He will not divide us” they preached that Trump won’t be able to divide the society.

Labeouf at New York version of HWNDU before it was shut down. Photo: twitter

The Alt-Right (representatives of the ideologies at the extreme edge of the political right) traded barbs with the political left.


Digital Replica

Based on Jaden Smith’s Tweet, we rebuilt the installation, which embodies the slogan as a waving flag, in the sense of an art project as a Virtual Reality Experience, and published it via an anonymous tweet. The next morning the internet went nuts. Alt-right hacker tried to get the website down and launched several attacks on our servers. In order to withstand these attacks, we took appropriate precautions. In the spirit of free thought, the code used was published as Open Source.


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