To find an access to art is often more abstract than the artworks themselves. One walks through the streets and passes almost unnoticed numerous galleries or even exhibitions. If you are interested in art news, until now you had to gather information from various art portals in order to have a comprehensive picture of the art world.

Curated is a service for the global as well as local art scene, artists, publishers and institutions. The service enables everyone to be part of the art world and supports local artists and galleries in real time.

You can discover institutions and exhibitions near you and with just one click you’ll be guided there. Curated is your personal art assistant.

Studio Nobu is responsible for concept, design as well as programming. The latter includes a Facebook Messenger Bot, a website with a publishing system and several automatizations that simplify complex procedures.

A bot is a program that processes recurring tasks. The Curated Facebook Messenger Bot collects news from the art world for you and shows you automatically institutions which are based on your GPS-position near you. It works all without an additional app because it is included in the Facebook Messenger App.

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