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He Will Not Divide Us – VR Intervention

The artist collective LaBoeuf, Rönkkö and Turner created „He will not divide us“, a monumental work against the division of society.

Short while after the installation premiered, the hacker group named 4chan/pol managed to sabotage the art work which led to a change of the installation format. After another attack, the artist collective had to move their art work to another country.

To show support to the core idea of this project, Studio Nobu rebuilt the installation inspired by a re-tweet of the Singer Jaden Smith in WEBGL. It’s a digital replica of the original art work, which can be found at hwndu.xyz until the end of the presidency of Donald J. Trump. The intervention generated a lot of attention, even 4chan/pol themselves have tried to hack the web platform.

Furthermore the intervention became part of the meme encyclopedia Know Your Meme. As far as we know, Studio Nobu was the first to succeed with the intervention of the development of a meme.

visit HeWillNotDivideUs.xyz


Intervention, Art Installation


Mentioned in the meme encyclopedia Know your Meme