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Studio Nobu develops:
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  • Digital Strategy, Transformation, Innovation

    We live in a complex world. But it's also a time of great opportunities. Think of Studio Nobu as a plugin for your Company or Departement. We can help you find new opportunities or optimize and rethink workflows. We can structure, lead and develop (large scale) websites, web-apps and digital campaigns.

    Right now we are working on innovative products in the fields of Online Advertising, Art Education and lo-fi VR Experiences.

    We have a digital native, birds eye view on everything we do.

  • Conversational Messenger Bots

    We develop useful and fun to use (AI enhanced) (Chat)bots. We build them with a deep understanding for each use case. We don't develop bots for the sake of bots (yes, many bots do things fundamentally wrong). We develop them to make life easier and to simplify and streamline complex interactions.

    We are also specialized in other fields such as:

  • Digital Ads

  • Youtube Mastheads
  • Dynamic Campaigns
  • Rich Media HTML5 Ads
  • Programmatic Campaigns
  • Web Solutions

  • Web Apps
  • Medium and large scale Websites
  • Responsive Microsites
  • Mobile Sites
  • Strategy & Design

  • Digital Campaign Consulting
  • Information Architecture
  • Project Management
  • UX-/Webdesign
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Studio Nobu's current:

HWNDU - VR Experiment

We support «He Will Not Divide Us» created by LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner as a resistance to division with a digital intervention. Find out more about our Meme-Culture hack on Know your Meme. You can download the VR-Experiment on our Github.

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